About Us

For over 15 years, we have provided Lake Tahoe residence with the planning and documents required for new home builds, and remodels.


Our Mission

To make the complicated planning, permitting, and design process of home construction easier for the homeowner.

“Sudhausen Designs took away all the stress of dealing with local government agencies “
— home remodel client


Owner-Nevada Residential Designer

Eric is the founder and owner of Sudhausen Design & Draft here in beautiful Lake Tahoe. His extensive knowledge of Lake Tahoe’s regulations, building codes and organizations is invaluable to the successful completion of a project designs and building. Eric can help you with all your design needs in California and Nevada. 

Eric learned the art of draft and design in the San Francisco Bay area under the guidance and direction of his father, a long time drafter. In 1995 Eric was drawn to the Tahoe Area and began working with Heavenly Ski Resort and US Forest Service. In 1999 he moved back to the bay area to the Bay Area and started his first drafting business providing services to San Francisco engineering firms, URS and Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers Inc.  During this time Eric worked on a number of diverse draft projects such as designing post office and annexes for the US Postal Service and working on seismic improvements for buildings on National Park Land, UC Berkeley and Cal State Monterey, Fort Ord. In 2001 Eric moved his business and his services back to the Tahoe Area. It was at this time that he started working with local Architects, drafters and engineers, continuing to work remotely on projects in the bay area.

In 2006 he changed the name of the company to Sudhausen Design & Draft. In 2007 he hired his first contract worker with the vision of expanding the company, providing a work place of collaboration, creativity and building expertise. Eric’s goal in creating this company is provide the client with creative and desired solutions to their building needs. When he is not working, Eric is an active member of the South Lake Tahoe community and an avid outdoors man. He can be found out in the forest helping to maintain trails for the community and then riding down them on his mountain bike.

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Office Manager

Grace keeps the office organized and running smooth.  With years of project and office management experience.







Mikee was born in South Lake Tahoe and raised between Tahoe and Kauai. A natural artist, he has a passion for sculpture and woodworking. Mikee has channeled his artistic talents in a number of different ways. Having already started KrazyApple Design Co., he uses his skills to produce works of art as well as functional longboards and much more. Always having a passion for Architecture and good design, he utilities his creativity for all aspects of design.  Mikee started with the company in 2014 and is a valuable member of the team. He brings to the company a knowledge of the area and a unique design style.



AA Degree in Liberal Arts, Lake Tahoe Community College
Bachelor of arts Degree in Studio Arts, San Diego State University

Michael has worked for more than 15 years as a professional commercial artist.  Working in a wide range of design fields.  He has worked as a custom painter, airbrush artist, mural artist, product designer, sign maker, industrial designer, costume designer, and graphic designer.  Proficient with AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and all forms of traditional had rendering and painting techniques.




Christy is well versed in local codes and regulations, and has worked as a draftsperson in South Lake Tahoe for 7 years.